Where are the recycled flip flop door mats manufactured?

I have an idea for another really useful item that could be manufactured in a similar way but I haven’t located a manufacturer.



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    This is a website called uncommongoods.com, which is an organization that supports the sale of creatively produced on an environmentally friendly scale. On it you will find that there is a link for sharing your ideas. This is the link: Share it .

    Also, the site’s Mission Statement may be helpful if you get more familiar with what they represent and how you can play a part in it.

    Flip flop mats are just one of the things featured on this site. Some of the other things include clocks made from recycled records, and an M.C. Escher cube puzzle, yet the site seems a little overproduced to really represent green living. Many of the items are superfluous or do not display information about thier fabrication or environmental impact.

    Whether or not this website is for you, at least it gives you an idea of what you can do to get involved.

    I would reccomend looking at the sites that sponsor the sale of flipflop mats and seeing if you can get your ideas heard that way rather than going directly to the manufaturers of the flip flop mats alone.

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