Where are NIMBY movements least successful?



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    The acronym NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) is highly contentious, as are the debates that occur whenever a potentially undesirable project (affordable housing, halfway house, prison, airport, etc.) is proposed to be sited near residential neighborhoods. It’s difficult to make any generalized statement about NIMBY movements, because each situation is different and even within a particular community people may oppose a project for any number of reasons. Developers, especially of affordable housing projects, seem to have the best chances of success in defeating NIMBY opposition when they engage with the neighborhood residents early in the development process. Many developers seek “Good Neighbor Agreements” with neighborhood associations that will spell out what the project will entail and how it will be handled in conjunction with local residents. Consequently, affordable housing seems to have a good track record in dealing with NIMBY opposition movements, but of course there are exceptions.

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