Where are the highest wind speeds recorded?



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    While spring usually bring strong winds nothing can compare the the winds created by tornadoes and typhoons. The highest wind speed ever recorded was 253 mph. This was on April 10 1996

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    The highest wind speed recorded was during tropical cyclone olivia, on Barrow island, Australia. This happened and was recorded on April 10 1996.

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    Here is the answer I provided to the similar question “What was the fastest wind speed ever recorded“: 

    “It was recently announced that Mt. Washington does not hold the world record for the highest recorded land wind speed on earth. The new champion is a 253 mph gust measured April 10, 1996, on Barrow Island, Australia, during Tropical Cyclone Olivia.

    It is unclear why it took 14 years for this new record to become official, but sadly, Mt. Washington has lost one of its claims to fame!”

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