Where are environmental refugees going?



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    Are you talking about Katrina, Tsunami and earthquake refugees? Well with katrina, they went to nearby states, and with family and friends. Some go to shelters. Refugees in america have been given temporary protected status so they can’t be sent back to the disaster site. 

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    Research conducted by the Climate Institute have pinpointed areas in Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Vietnam as places of risk for flooding that would affect large numbers of people. Experts predicted that by the year 2070, 3.3 million Indonesians and 7.1 million Indians could become environmental refugees. Finding new homes, with adequate resources, for all of the citizens of South Asian countries could prove to be quite a struggle. On the other hand, water scarcity could prove to be the environmental factor that drives people out of other regions worldwide, like Sub-Saharan African, southern Central America, western parts of South America, and southern Asia regions. If large swaths of the planet become uninhabitable, there might not be enough room for environmental refugees to go, and worldwide population might fall.

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