Where and why is steel processed?



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    Steel is processed in many places and in many ways, to remove impurities, to add carbon content, to increase its durability or tensile strength, to prevent stains, and for any number of other purposes. The most common and basic processing of steel is the forming of base steel by adding carbon, usually in the form of coal, to molten iron at temperatures in the thousands of degrees Celsius. Chromium is another common additive, used to form stainless steel for corrosion-resistant applications. Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the steel is cooled and may be rolled, extruded, cast, or processed into any number of forms using various metallurgical techniques. See the video link below for just one example of a commercial steel production process.

    While steel is produced all over the world and primarily in iron-producing regions, China has emerged in the past decade as the leading producer and exporter. See the 2nd link below for a recent industry summary of the world’s top steel producing countries.

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