Where is the 1990’s EV1 performance in 2010?

If the G.M. EV1 was as good as owners say and had the range and speed also reported why has this technology been held back? Where the owners and G.M. wrong in their stats on this car? Can you send a reporter to interview both owners and the BUILDER (not the media person) The person who built and loved this car. Lets get to the bottom of this mess.



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    The EV1 and its subsequent disappearing act were chronicles in the film Who Killed the Electric Car?, and is considered somewhat of an embarrassment for GM. The EV1 was praised upon its release in 1996, following a ruling by the California Air Resources Board that required automakers to release vehicles that produced no emissions. In 1999, the model’s lead acid batteries were replaced with an optional NiMH battery with a range of 150 miles. However, for reasons that are still dubious, GM abandoned the project and crushed all the vehicles. Today, the EV1 is considered a benchmark in the development of the functional electric vehicle.

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