When you’re sick should you drink more water?



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    Whether you should drink more water when ill depends on how much water you normally drink.  As a rule, drinking water helps to keep the body hydrated and thus improves your bodily functions.  If you are sick, keeping hydrated is a sure way to circulate the appropriate nutrients and antibodies.  However, there is such a thing as over hydration.  Drinking too much water will deplete your bodies nutrients, which is not what you need to do when sick.  If your body feels dehydrated, it probably is.

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    When sick you should drink as much fluid as possible. You can over hydrate yourself, so don’t go overboard. The main point to drinking a lot of fluids when you are sick is to make sure you don’t become dehydrated. Adding more pain while you are already sick can land you in the hospital. When your body is properly hydrated, your bodily functions work better and can help you get better faster. Water is probably the best to drink, but you can kix it up with some juice as well.

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    You just need to drink enough water to stay hydrated.   This allows your body to be at it’s best to help fight off whatever you are sick with.  It also helps if you are congested or have sinus pain as the additional fluids help to break up the congestion.  Drink plenty of fluids, get good sleep and that should help your body to get better.

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