When you think of environmentalism what name pops into mind?



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    In terms of people, Rachel Carson is one environmentalist that springs to my mind when thinking about environmentalism. Her book, Silent Spring (September 1962) is widely credited with helping launch the environmental movement.

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    The utopian Murray Bookchin, a great philosopher, seminal theorist of social ecology and co-founder of the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont is a great environmentalist who gets to the roots. He wrote such books as Toward an Ecological Society, The Ecology of Freedom, and Urbanization without Cities.

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    Dr. Charles Jonkel.  A renowned bear biologist, he is at the fore of polar bear conservation and public awareness.  Co-founder of the Great Bear Foundation, he has been doing research on our world’s bears for decades, laying the ground for crucial policy changes in order to better protect and understand these amazing animals.  He has touched the lives of hundreds and has had a huge impact in preserving the wild places.  I owe him credit for my understanding of many of the environmental issues that I am involved in now.

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