when you pay attention to the little things in nature, what have been some of your favorite observations?



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    The most fascinating thing to me is how accepting nature really is. When I was observing caspian terns for several days, one particular bird was very unhappy, flying right about my head and screaming at me, but after just 3 days, the whole flock got used to me and I was part of them. The same male bird who was yelling at me so obnoxiously, now was trying to feed me by dropping a small fish next to me. I was no longer an enemy, I became a friend. How long does it take us, supposedly the most conscious species on earth, to start loving our neighbour? how many months, years?

    “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you” Frank Lloyd Wright.


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    Since I moved to Finland what strikes me the most is the sun. It just amazing how seeing the sun can make or break my day. During winter Finland barely gets any sun light because of it’s situation on the globe. It’s been really weird not seeing the sun for weeks in a row, but when it finally came out it was most inspiring.

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    One of my favorites is that every banana has five sides.  I’ve never looked into why this is the case, but I know there are other beautiful examples of nature’s counting: six sides to every snowflake, the irony of a star in every crabapple.

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