When you get all the plastic recycled from a vhs tape. What do you do with the tape?

My self taped movies have degraded, some taped as long as 20 years or more. Poor quality for watching and to put on dvd’s.



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    The Mylar tape inside a VHS tape is difficult to recycle, but there are a few creative ways to put the old tape to good use.  MyRecycledBags.com has an example of a bag made out of old Mylar tape from VHS and cassete tapes, along with a guide on how to make one yourself.  You could also try using the tape in other crafts – you could use the tape as a shiny covering for an old wallet, as a funky neclace chain, etc.  If you’re not terribly artsy, GreenDisk will take old tapes off your hands and recycle the Mylar tape as best they can.  Some people have even used old, unraveled tape as scarecrows (tie one end of the tape to a tall pole; the fluttering black tape can scare off birds).

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