When you cook vegetables does it get rid of the pesticides?



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    Processing food (this includes cooking) typically reduces the amount of pesticides.  The pesticides can be broken down, or the part of the food that carries the residue can be removed.

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    Yes, but a more efficient, or rather, a more fool-proof way to get rid of the pesticides in your vegetables is by following these simple directions before cooking them:

    1. Rinse produce with tap water.

    2. Spray or soak fruits and vegetables with a one percent solution of dish liquid and water. Rub the solution over the surface of the item with your fingers. Produce such as leafy greens and broccoli would be better soaked.

    3. Rinse produce with tap water for about one minute. This will remove any traces of dish liquid from your fruits and vegetables.

    Hope this helps!

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