When you catch a fish from deep water do you need to do anything to them before you release them?



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    Catching fish from deep water causes something called barotrauma, which is trauma the fish’s body suffers due to a sudden change in pressure. It’s something divers can experience if they come up from a dive too quickly and it can be lethal to humans and fish. Fish with barotrauma have extremely swollen swim-bladders, which can protrude out of their mouth, and bulging eyeballs. This prevents the fish from being able to swim or dive back down if you release it without doing anything. A common practice to help the fish dive back down into the water is to deflate the swim bladder with a thin sharp object, like a needle, before releasing it.

    Even though this can be an attempt at treating barotrauma, and the fish might even swim away, both the act of poking the fish’s swim bladder and causing it to experience barotrauma in the first place is extremely damaging to the fish, and some recommend not even returning a fish with an extremely swollen swim bladder back to the water. Survival rates for fish experiencing barotrauma are very low, so it’s not something I’d recommend doing (deep water fishing, that is).

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    no,because like when sometimes i watch the discovery channel it show a fisherman catch a fish but it was to small then they put it back and it was swimming

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