When you build a home out of recycled shipping containers do you have to insulate it like you would a normal house?



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    Yes, I would assume you would.  No matter what material you are using, if you intend to live in the house full time, it should be insulated.  That extra pocket of air between you and the outside is what regulates the temperature inside – something that is crucial to using your energy more efficiently. 

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    Yes you do need to insulate it. In the shipping containers that I am familiar with, the metal walls are not just straight, but rather have a bit of a wave pattern to them. If you use foam board you can cut it to fit into the wave grooves of the metal walls, both on the inside and the outside. This way the outer surface of the insulation is close to flush with the inner most (or outermost) edge of the metal, so that you dont loose more space than is necessary from the precious living space inside the shipping container The amount of insulation you need, however, is of course relative to your climate and how much you need to be protected from the heat or cold. I imagine, you could earth shelter a shpping container relatively easily, at least the back wall, though I have never seen this done.

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