when will we start to see nuclear energy from Obama?



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    Obama is not actually making nuclear energy. He has approved loan guarantees to aid in building nuclear power plants. So he is just encouraging but there is no timeline for action because it depends on companies taking advantage of the loan guarantees. There are still large obstacles related to waste to get over as well.

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    Obama announced that he will give $8.3 billion to the Southern Co. to build the first new nuclear power plant in 30 years. He is also seeking $54 billion more for the 2011 budget to go toward nuclear energy projects.

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    Not for quite a while. Obama has given some loan guarantees to nuclear providers, most notably the Southern Co. that bwsf mentioned; however it is significant that these new plants that Southern is building outside of Atlanta, Georgia are still on the drawing board, and the earliest the first of them could be operational is 2016. If Obama is elected to a second term he will just about be leaving office at the time the first watt of power leaves the plant–assuming there are no construction, financial or regulatory delays, which there probably will be. Nuclear power plants are not very economical because they take forever to build and the power company that invests in them won’t see a penny of return on their investment until after it’s built and operational. That is a huge commitment for a power company to make, and it’s why no nuclear plants have been built in America for the past 30 years.

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