When will we be able to say if Obama is making out world a greener place?



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    It depends on the person, I guess. Personally I think he’s making some strides by giving attention to renewable energies, but we shouldn’t be looking to him alone to make changes.  I think we’ll be seeing more action coming out of Congress by the likes of Lindsey Graham and John Kerry than we will by Obama-born initiatives. 

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    Obama supports green initiatives like alternative energy, emission reduction and even part of the stimulus bill went to both research and development for new technologies, as well as installation of current green technology.  However, greengenie is right in saying that it is not Obama’s job per se, to make our world greener.  The whole world needs to jump on the movement, and it is Obama’s job to help create legislation that supports this movement, and form partnerships with other countries to slow climate change.

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