When will the United States hit 500 million people?



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    The current resident population of the United States at this very second is 312,852,867 people. A child is born every eight seconds, so that number is bound to rise by a substantial amount of digits in just a few minutes. According to the Pew Foundation, the United States population will reach 438 million in the year 2050. Other estimations claim that the population could be anywhere from 360 million to well over 500 million. However, data has proven that population projections are not always on key point. In 1987, for example, the U.S. Census Bureau projected that the estimated U.S. population would be 300 million by 2050 – clearly, we’ve already tipped that number years ago.

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    As shaunabannan said, it may never happen. The fertility rate in many developed nations has fallen below the replacement fertility rate, meaning that the population may actually shrink. In the United States, most of the population growth is from immigration rather than the birth of new people. However, fertility rates are still very high in undeveloped countries that do not have access to contraception or, in some cases, contraception has been banned by religious fanatics.

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