when will global warming kick in and become a reality?



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    Global warming has already kicked in.  The average global surface temperature has risen 1 degree Fahrenheit since 1900.  The general consensus among the scientific community is that we need to do something about it, and the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 called for a decrease in emissions.  

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    Severe weather events are a clear indication of global warming’s impact. Days are hotter, rainfall and flooding is more substantial, many hurricanes have been strengthened by warm ocean temperatures, and droughts are lasting longer. Virtually any weather event can be linked, to some degree, to climate change – wildfires are another example. Even allergy seasons have risen in potency.

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    Global warming is already happening, though it hasn’t struck suddenly like most environmental disasters. Unlike Hollywood movies like 2012 might lead people to believe, global warming is steadily causing environmental changes, and have been for some time now. Rather than causing a single disaster, the frequency and severity of disasters has been increasing. Global temperatures have risen by 1 degree, and by more in polar regions. This is causing dramatic, visible melting of the ice caps, rising seas, and increased precipitation (on average). If it seems like it’s actually been a strangely cool summer in your hometown (it has been cool and very wet in mine), keep in mind that global warming is not having uniform effects all over the world. In fact, global warming may cause your area to experience cooler weather from increased precipitation. Or it might cause unusually dry weather. It may be experienced as any shifting climate pattern, so maybe climate change is a better term to use than global warming. Or better yet, you might call it “global weirding.”

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    The oceans are also heavily affected by global warming already. Temperatures in oceans are rising, killing off coral and causing jelly fish populations to bloom. Scientists believe that the ocean is headed towards a mass extinction caused primarily by global warming, acidification, and anoxia. Global warming is already kicking in and becoming a reality.

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    Global warming is already a reality to the global scientific community. What’s worse, is that it is also clear it has been largely due to the effects of humans. Certain isotopes of greenhouse gasses are only produced through human activities which makes it possible to link the cause directly to the effect.

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