when will be be able to have zero waste?



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    It all depends on how soon the vast majority of the public decides to change to a much greener lifestyle. But humanity as a whole, without a giant engineering breakthrough, will probably be adding to landfills for centuries to come. Even then, accidental waste, like if someone was to lose something outside, would probably be a big factor. So, probably in the next 300-5000 years depending on development, but most likely never.

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    I do not believe anytime soon. There needs to be a major catatrosphe in order to force the public to change. Nevertheless, as long as there is no crisis, rich and poor people alike in the United State will continue to waste food, energy, and other resources.

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    San Francisco is aiming to be zero waste by 2020. Today the city is diverting >72% of it’s waste to recycling and composting facilities.

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