When were kerosene lamps replaced?



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    Kerosene lamps were replaced in the home when electricity was discovered and became widely used.  Electricity doesn’t give off the fumes that burning a fuel does, and there’s a greater fire risk associated with kerosene.  Also you don’t have to refill electric lamps.  However, kerosene lamps are still used by campers and people who don’t have access to electricity.  

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    Kerosene lamps were replaced and phased out.  There’s not really a specific time when they vanished or were completely replaced.  Oil lamps were used throughout the 1700s, but 1853 was the first time a kerosene-specific lamp was introduced.  The first electric incandescent lamps were invented in the 1870s, and Edison’s patent for the bulbs was in 1880.  So, kerosene lamps probably started to fade away as people wired their homes for electricity.  But kerosene lamps were in use for decades after Edison’s patent because electricity was hard to come by in some places.

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