When we see a shooting star is it happening right then or did it happen a long time ago?



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    A shooting star is happening right now. As in: People have been injured by them.

    Real stars are bodies thousands of times bigger than the Earth. The nearest three stars are all in the same system: Proxima Centauri, Alpha Centauri A, and Alpha Centauri B. They are “only” a little more than four light years away. That means if you turned a flashlight on in their direction, someone there might see that happen — but four years from now! Being so close to Earth — compared to all the other stars! — is the reason you hear Alpha Centauri mentioned in so much science fiction. If it’s possible to get across deep space at all, the thinking goes, a “short” distance of several light years is a good bet.

    “Shooting star” is just a fanciful name for a meteor. A usually smallish piece of rock, falling out of space, into the atmosphere, landing on the ground.

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