When we have a baby does it start with one cell?



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    A new life form for humans starts from one egg cell provided by the female, and one sperm cell provided by the male. The sperm fertilizes the egg, adding the 2 cells together to form a gamete. This in turn starts dividing from the single cell of the egg to 2 cells, to 4 cells and so on until a functioning being is formed. 

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    An egg cell is an unfertilized female gamete, or reproductive cell. The egg cell becomes a fertilized zygote when a sperm, or male gamete, reaches it and bores through its outer layer to release the male’s genetic material inside. With two copies of genes from each parent, the female egg cell, now a zygote, begins to multiply, and, eventually, after many stages of cellular multiplication and differentiation, a baby is formed. So, yes, when we have a baby, it starts with one cell, the fertilized female egg cel, otherwise known as a zygote. 

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