When was nuclear power invented?



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    The nuclear power industry suffered some setbacks from the late 1970s to the year 2002. There were fewer orders of new reactors despite the increased capacity and output of 60 percent owing to the improved load factors. From the mid-1980s, nuclear energy’s share in electricity output worldwide remained at the same level of 16 to 17 percent. From the HP0-J22 exam 1970s, many orders for reactors were also cancelled resulting in the drop in uranium price and a rise in secondary supplies. What happened next was that oil companies that had ventured into the uranium field backed out. Fortunately, the potential of nuclear power gained a new attention in the new century as 352-001 exam the demand for electricity worldwide notably in developing countries is foreseen to go up. Other factors that led to the harnessing of this renewable energy are the essence of energy security and the need to prevent global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With these concerns came 646-656 exam the availability of newer nuclear power reactors which are now used in the different parts of the world including Finland, France and the U.S. Nuclear energy has been used since 1953 and it has been instrumental in producing electricity since 1955. Currently, 16 percent of the world’s electricity is produced through nuclear power. The U.S. is a major producer of nuclear power with 103 power plants that generate electricity spread over 31 states. France, meanwhile, is the top user of nuclear power followed by Lithuania, Belgium, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine. 

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    Nuclear energy could be said to have been invented roughly 12 billion years ago, shortly after the universe came into being.  It is a natural force rather than a human manufactured product.  The first commercial nuclear power plant was started in 1960.  Prior to that nuclear plants had been used with varying production levels in military applications since the second world war.

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