When was Mount Rushmore opened?



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    Mount Rushmore was ‘opened’, or dedicated, each time a head was completed in its 14-year construction (1927-1941). Washington’s face was dedicated in 1934, Thomas Jefferson in 1936, Abraham Lincoln in 1937, and Teddy Roosevelt in 1939. Final construction finished by 1941.

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    Through the efforts of Gutzon Borglum, President Calvin Coolidge attended the dedication ceremony of the project on August 10, 1927. President Coolidge delivered a speech at the event and promised federal funding for the project. On October 31, 1941 the monument was declared complete -thus, made open to the public.

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    The process of sculpting the mountain was begun in 1927 by sculptor Gutzon Borglum. It took 14 years and a million dollars to finish. The mountain was dedicated with small ceremony at the completion of each head. In March 1941, Borglum died — his son took over briefly, but funding ran out of the project was “completed” in that year. So I suppose you could argue that the park was “opened” in late 1941, though the National Parks Service official history doesn’t actually list a specific date of opening.

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