When was it known that radiation was bad for the environment?



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    The detrimental effects of radiation were first discovered around the time of Marie Curie. Marie Curie discovered Radium, a very rare element that is several times more radioactive than Uranium. She did not know that it could be harmful to her health, so she worked on it without protection. Eventually, she died as a result of her exposure to radiation.

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    Overall, radiation is good, it’s essential to life. The Earth must have radiation, for example, in the form of heat and light for plants to grow. The problem is when that radiation is too concentrated, or of the wrong kind.

    Concentrated radiation, for example, gives sunburns. And ultraviolet radiation can cause temporary or permanent blindness, as well as cataracts.

    Of the three types of radiation, only Gamma and X Radiation are extremely dangerous, because they can pass through many feet of air, and many inches of animal tissue. X Radiation was discovered in 1895 and Gamma Radiation was discovered in 1896.

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