When was green answers founded?



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    The first GreenAnswers question on record (link below) was posted approximately one year ago. GreenAnswers was launched in 2009. If you have any more questions of this nature, I recommend contacting GreenAnswers here.

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    Green answers is actually a new website that was initiated this year. I am unsure as to the exact date. Look at it this way, there are roughly 50 trees planted a day on this website, and the all-time number is about 2,030. That means that this website has been up and running for less than 2 months. 

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    meg707 the website has been up later than that but the plant a tree is a new thing which originated about 2 months ago 😀

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    Green answers is new and is getting better everyday as seen with the tree planting program going on. They are really starting a great trend and I wish them luck on their next venture. I wonder if it is a for-profit company?

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