When was the first photo of a snowflake taken?



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    Wilson Bentley is known as the “Snowflake Man”. He was the first person to photograph a single snow crystal in 1885.

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    Bentley was only 19 when he took his first snowflake picture and many doubted its authenticity but later recognized his inventive technique. During his lifetime Bentley made over 5,000 snowflake photographs.

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    Bentley used a unique technology that later became known as photomicrography to capture images of snowflakes. His technique was to attach a bellows camera to a microscope to show the delicate features of each individual flake. He published over 2,500 of his images in a book, Snow Crystals, in 1931. Sadly, only a few weeks after the book was released Bentley caught pneumonia after being out in a blizzard and died.

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