When was the first mobile phone created?



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    The first mobile created was the Motorola DynaTAC.  It was released in 1983.  It took 100 million dollars and 15 years to develop the phone.  When it was fully charged, there was up to 30 minutes of talk time. 

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    The first mobile phone, otherwise known as cell phone was invented by a man named Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973.  He was a manger of a branch under Motorola, and used his first recorded mobile call to inform his rival at the Bell Labs, Joel Engel.

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    The first fully functional cell phone system was the MTA (Mobile Telephone System A) was created in 1956 in Sweden.  Although it worked, the phone weighed roughly 90 pounds.  MTB, the next model which came out a few years later, weighed around 20 pounds.

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