When was the first central heating and air conditioning system invented?



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    Central heating systems have been used since ancient Greece.  The Greeks figured out how to head air with a furnace, and direct that air into their houses using pipes.  This primitive system is known as a hypocaust.  The first steam heating system was invented by Angier Perkins in England in the 1830s.  The commonly known radiator was invented in Germany by Franz San Galli in the 1850s. 

    Ancient romans were the first to apply a home cooling system – by piping aqueduct water through their walls to cool them during hot days.  Throughout the following centuries scientists attempted to perfect an indoor cooling system until William Haviland Carrier of New York created the first “modern” air conditioner in 1902.  His system – the first to be coined “air conditioner” could control humidity and temperature of a room.  It was installed in many homes and automobiles.

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