When was the first blood transplant?



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    In 1665, the first recorded blood transfusion took place amongst animals. Richard Lower, an Oxford physician, transfused blood from dogs-to-dogs, successfully keeping them alive and later moved towards transfusing blood from dogs-to-humans. Dogs-to-humans was not as successful, and later the attempt at sheep-to-humans made in 1667 by Jean-Baptiste Denis of France was later linked to the cause of woeful reactions and worst of all death. The first recorded transfusion of blood from one human to another human that benefited the second human was done by James Blundell in 1818 to treat a patient’s postpartum hemorrhage (loss of blood after birthing). Blood was extracted from the patient’s husband’s arm and transfused to the patient, thus beginning a series of successful transfusions thereafter. 

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    The answer to this question depends on whether you wish to know the first blood trasfusion between animals, the first blood transfusion between animals and people, or the first blood transfusion between people. The first blood transfusion between animals occurred in July 1665, when Richard Lower performed a blood transfusion between two dogs. The first animal-to-human transfusion came soon afterward, when Jean-Baptiste Denis used Lower’s technique to transfuse twelve ounces of blood from a lamb to a young man on June 15, 1667. The first human-to-human blood transfusion did not occur until 1818, when James Blundell performed it.

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