When was asbestos considered dangerous?



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    The United States government and asbestos industry have been criticized for not acting quickly enough to inform the public of dangers, and to reduce public exposure. In the late 1970s court documents proved that asbestos industry officials knew of asbestos dangers since the 1930s and had concealed them from the public. So they at least knew by the 30’s, though things were suspicious in the late 20’s, nothing actually changed for many decades.

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    Asbestos has been dangerous from the beginning, as noted by the Greeks and Romans who observed that slaves involved with weaving asbestos cloth were stricken with lung illnesses. This observation continued into the early 1900’s when a doctor proclaimed in court that a man’s death was respiratory and found asbestos minerals in his lungs. By 1924, asbestos was known for its illness causing attributes in Britain. Now it is banned in part or in whole by over 60 countries.

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