When trees are destroyed by storms, does the forest have a similar response as when trees are destroyed by wildfires?

For example, I know that studies show that wildfires can help encourage new growth and life, and therefore can be a positive thing. Does a similar thing occur when forests are destroyed by storms?



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    Wildfires and storm damage have pretty different effects on trees and forests.   When wildfires tear through forests, you are correct that it encourages new life because the soil gets enriched even though the forest itself is destroyed.  New plants grow back very quickly and thrive because the soil is very healthy.  When winds damage trees however, it takes much longer for the destroyed forest to feel beneficial effects.  The downed trees will decompose and enrich the soil, but unfortunately this takes a long time.  Storms don’t have as wide of an impact as most of the time there are at least some trees still standing, but if the majority of a forest is destroyed by storms, it will take a while for that forest to begin again.  With wildfires the new forest starts very quickly because there are plants that actually thrive when their parents are killed by fires.

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