When there is a full moon do we need to have street lights?



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    A full moon can be very bright, especially when it appears to be low in the sky. However, for safety reasons it is good to have street lights on so that we have safer driving, especially during the winter months when the sun sets early (bewteen 4 and 5 pm) and there still may be pedestrians and bikers out on the roads.

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    No! There are many pushing to set it up so street lights don’t continue to shine unnecessarily during nights when the moon is up. Lunar-resonant streetlamps have been created, even though they are not out yet. This will allow lamps to turn off if it detects significant moonlight.

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    As far as the current goes.  We will need streetlights.  All you need is one old lady getting in a car accident when the streetlights are turned off and BAM.  People will be fighting and talking about how the “green movement” has gone too far and then its all over.  

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