When there is an El Nino are there usually a lot of storms in the Gulf of Mexico?



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    El Nino tends to lessen storm frequency and intensity. It is actually after El Nino that storms tend to increase.

    When the Warm Pool moves east during El Niño, so does the giant weather machine. This means that now storms are being created in a different part of the ocean and prevailing winds and jet streams are being distributed to different parts of the Earth.

    When those thunderstorms are shifted from their normal position, the global atmospheric circulation is also changed. And by changing atmospheric circulation, including the jet streams that circulate planet-wide, the effects spread far beyond the Pacific basin.

    At the end of El Niño, the tradewinds pick up their pace and start pushing the Western Pacific Warm Pool back to the western Pacific. Thus, we return to what’s considered “normal” conditions in the Pacific Ocean.

    But, just when the tradewinds have gotten out of their lazy gait and have started to jog along again, they tend to get carried away. Following an El Niño, the winds often strengthen beyond their normal pace. When this happens, more and more surface water gets pushed west. This also means that even larger amounts of cold water are drawn up off the coast of S. America.


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