When scientists are talking about climate change do they dumb it down enough for people to understand it?



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    Yes, I think so. The fact that so many lay people can grasp the basic concepts of the mechanics of climate change (emissions-trapped heat-increased global temperature) without knowing very much at all about the fundamental chemistry behind those mechanisms is a credit to the scientists and others who have popularized this very important issue.

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    Scientist often have a hard time simplifying the in-depth research they spend decades studying. Their research is also often focused on a very specific aspect of science or climate change, making it even more difficult for them to provide a broader world-view sort of perspective on climate change. That’s why it took hundreds of scientists to come together to put together the IPCC report on climate change and why it is so important for policy groups like the EPA and films like An Inconvenient Truth to bridge the gap between scientists and the general public.

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