When is quail season in California?



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    Different zones have different seasons.  Generally speaking, it’s in the fall (from the end of September to the end of January), but you should check the resource provided below for exact specifics.

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    The California Fish and Game Commission divides California into three zones for hunting quail, each with it’s own start and end dates. The Mountain Quail is the only species with it’s own season, dependent upon species type in addition to designated area. Mountain Quail season is from September until October. For all species, there is General Quail Season from October to January, Early Coastal season from September to January, and Balance of the State Season from October to January. Each of these seasons is dependent upon area, so check the CFGC website for the county divisions. It is also a very useful website for different hunting seasons, rules and regulations, bag and possession limits, and other important information to know!

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