when a pond turns over does it kill fish?



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    If you mean a thermal inversion (typically annual or seasonal), then generally not, although depending on circumstances some fish and other life may be reduced because it does affect oxygen content.

    If you mean a CO2 eruption (very rare), then while the catastrophic effects are on land life, there could be significant effects on water life as well.

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    A pond turnover is set up when the temperature in a pond becomes stratified, usually due to warming of a pond due to seasonal changes. The top layer is warm and oxygen-rich while the bottom is cold and oxygen-poor. The turnover occurs when the layers mix together, spreading the oxygen from the top layer all throughout the pond. The severity of the oxygen depletion depends on the depth of the pond, how much oxygen was present before the turnover, and how many organisms live in the pond. If there are too many species of aquatic animals and bacteria and not enough oxygen, there can be huge loss of life.

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    I really don’t think the fish die.  I have been fishing a lot and this is some thing that just happens.  I still catch fish.  (catch and release) .  I hate when you get all that stuff in your line.  I am not a scientist but I really don’t think it kills the fish.  That is if I am thinking about right what you mean by the pond turns over.
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