When ocean acidification happens do the plants die because they get burnt?



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    Most of the reports on acidification out there are talking about animals like corals and some phytoplankton.  Corals are being bleached by the acidification, having trouble growing.  Your question does make sense, but I haven’t found any evidence or articles about actual plants. 


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    The real problem with ocean acidification isn’t the acid’s burning power (it’s not really that strong) but its power to dissolve things. Many ocean animals, like corals and many important types of plankton, are having trouble making the hard shells they need to survive because the oceanwater is dissolving them.  This causes massive die-offs of coral and plankton.

    This is very bad news. Coral reefs are the tropical rainforests of the sea, supporting millions of species. If the coral dies, so do all the species that depend on them. Even worse, plankton form the base of the ocean food web.  A lot of creatures eat plankton as their primary source of food, and countless more eat other animals that eat plankton.  So if the plankton go, it’s feared whole ocean ecosystems could collapse because of it. 

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