When I go camping, how should I dispose of my waste?



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    A good rule to follow is: whatever comes with you, leaves with you. Save your trash in bags and take it to proper waste disposal bins for trash recyclables when you’re done camping. When you leave your campsite, it should be as if you were never there.

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    If your camp site does not have waste containers, waste such as trash can be packed up and taken with you to be properly disposed of when you return home. If the camping area does not have bathrooms you can use a portable latrine or bury your waste, if it is allowed on your camp ground area. Portable latrines can be made by using old containers with lids and some sand or other material that can reduce the odor. The human waste can be put into the container, mixed with sand or other material, and then cover up with the lid. Burying waste is less desirable then using a portable latrine, human waste can be buried in a small hole six to eight inches deep and then covered with natural materials. The site should be at least 200 feet from trails, campsites, and any water sources.

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