When is the Ford Focus Electric due to be released?



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    According to Ford’s web site, it’s supposed to be released this fall or winter (late 2011).  Pretty exciting!

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    The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is due to be released in 19 markets late this year, but no date has been specified. I would expect them to unveil a date soon, since we’re already halfway through the year. I’d check the ford site periodically to keep tabs on their plans.

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    There has been a few dates tossed around actually about the exact release. Ford is very similar to a lot of other car companies. They will release a very vague date for purchase and then retract that statement once the date passes. Although their site states that it will be released in late 2011, there have been other reports suggesting Ford retracting that statement and instead aiming for a release date more towards 2012. It will be interesting to see if they are true to their more “official word”. 

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