When the EPA bans a chemical what happens if we continue to use it?



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    Well, the maximum penalty for violating EPA regulation is a year in jail, a $25,000 fine, or both. The attached link talks about a guy who did just that when treating bed bugs, and it’s an interesting read. 

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    The EPA will act to make sure the company is in compliance with their regulations, either through Civil Enforcement, Cleanup Enforcement, or Criminal Enforcement. Through their Civil Enforcement Program, they use legal action to make sure polluters follow their regulations. Their Cleanup Enforcement Program ensures that either the polluter cleans up their site or that they pay the EPA for the cleanup they do instead. Lastly, their Criminal Enforcement Program uses “stringent sanctions” to ensure the polluter stops it’s use (www.epa.gov).

    The EPA will take necessary actions to make sure banned chemicals are in fact no longer in use, with whatever resources they do have. Their ultimate goal is the protection of human health and natural resources, and they will  choose whatever path seems most productive in acheiving that goal. Unfortunately, money and harsh punishments like jail time usually seem to be the most effective in changing people’s behavior, not the environmental destruction they are causing.

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