When doing a green renovation is it a good idea to go one room at a time or just do the whole house at once?



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    It probably depends more on your budget and whether you’re willing to move out temporarily to let construction people get at the whole house than anything else. Doing the whole house at once would probably be a little more economical, both in terms of larger savings starting sooner and possibly being able to get a deal with a renovation company.

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    After my experience dealing with contractors, it would be best to do the renovation work yourself since contractors often want to replace things with new materials. In a recent remodel that we did ourselves, we were able to re-use lots of existing materials, including wood framing. If it isn’t possible to do the renovation work yourself, make sure to stipulate that you’d like to re-use as much existing materials as possible and write specifics in the contract if there are existing window trims, doors, etc. that you’d like to keep.

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