when does it start to have a green idea in history



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    I am not quite sure what you mean by this, but I think what you’re asking is when were the first green ideas introduced?  Honestly, I think green ideas are a relatively new prospect, and did not really start until the second half of the 20th century.  The book, “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson which was first published in 1962 was one of the first books to really question the affect human activities had on our environment.  The book shocked the world, and was one of the first triggers for the environmental movements that took place in that decade.  Environmentalism was also endorsed through the hippie “counter-culture” of the time.  Pre-Industrial Revolution, human beings were not much of a threat to the environment, and green ideas were not yet needed.  It was not until our affect on the environment really became apparent, that people really began to question our role in the degradation of the planet.

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    I’ll offer an answer in a similar vein as lola14’s, but I’ll bring a different author to the table. George Perkins Marsh wrote Man in Nature in 1864 – and revised it 10 years later – detailing the human role on earth and the environment. Up until that point, humankind had been regarded as a passive force on nature; Marsh argued differently and conveyed his observations. It wasn’t abstract or poetic – it was grounded in his actual experience, watching Vermont farmers damaging the environment by clearing land. Ultimately, he introduced human responsibility as it related to ecological occurrences and, mainly, problems.

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    Early groups of humans (tribes) seemed to have a very strong sense of respect and comradship with nature. Look at African tribes today and the respect with which they treat the animals they hunt — tribes like these have been around almost since the beginning of man, and therefore, green ideas have as well.

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