when does development becomes problems?



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    Start by refining your question. Come up with some other, similar, questions.

    Let me throw you a curve ball: You are in charge of developing the Moon. What development is a “problem” there? There are no plants or animals, so can you just do whatever you want? Turn it into a big Disneyland? Build nuclear power plants?

    In a way, this is a perfect simple example. Nothing that people or animals or plants need comes from the Moon. On Earth, the opposite may be true! There are people who believe that everything on Earth is important, and that, therefore (almost) ALL human development is a problem!

    That sounds a little far-fetched, but consider some isolated examples:

    • It’s known that people were directly responsible for making these species extinct, among others: Dodos, Passenger Pigeons, Great Auk, Tasmanian Tiger.
    • When humans “develop” they tend to bring their favorite plants and animals. Those displace or destroy native species. 
    • Humans have forever changed some countries by logging. The trees are cut down, the soil washes away. Take a look at some of those pictures of the Mediterranean Sea shores. All white and sun-bleached, many of them, right? That’s because people chopped down all the trees, centuries ago. Those idiots destroyed their own homelands.

    This all is one of the reasons people talk a lot these days about renewable resources. The idea is: If a resource can renew itself after humans use it, then not much harm is done.

    But don’t forget about imagining what your favorite Moon or Mars would look like. It’s not going to be too many more years before some decisions have to be made!


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    I’m going to guess you are referring to humans developing bigger cities and constructs that encroach on nature. Put simply, development becomes a problem when your development starts to outweigh your resources. If you cut down a whole forest to build up a town, that forest isn’t coming back, unless you do something drastic to put it back in place. Plus, once a resource is depleted, that’s it, and then your development is stuck in a predicament. Development should never take precedence over keeping our ecosystems alive, because then all we’ll be doing is creating our own slow death. Like the previous entry said, renewable resources are key, and would alleviate some of these problems.

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