When do people in the US generally water their lawns more, during summer or winter?



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    Most people water their lawns during the summer because this is when they are green and not covered with snow or frost. Most people like their lawns to look nice for their neighbors and visitors and will put a lot of work into them.

    Water lawns does use a lot of water and now people are starting to collect rain water to reduce the amount they use from their faucet. This is good for the environment and cuts down on the water bill!

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    People water their lawns more often in the summer for a number of different reasons.  As natricine3 stated earlier, people’s lawns are on display during the summer and can’t be hidden under snow, frost or ice.  In several parts of the country, summer can often mean less rain, leaving lawns without as much water as they may need to thrive.

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    I think they would most likely water the grass in summer because there is less rain in the summer then winter.

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