When do most algae blooms occur



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    Algae blooms do not necessarilly have a season or time period when they are most likely to occur, although many types of plankton and algae require a specific temperature to survive.  However, this temperature isn’t the same for all algae.  For a bloom to occur a set of circumstances have to come into play. There must be an abundance of sunlight and nutrients, which is why they are more common on the shores of places closer to the equator.  There must be ideal temperature and salinity conditions so that the algae thrives.  Finally, there must be a lack of creatures that eat the algae.  Very specific cicrumstances need to occur which is why it is fairly surprising at the frequency with which they are occuring these days.

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    Algal blooms often happen after unusual water conditions, such as hurricanes, droughts, slow water movement, and high water temperature. These phenomena themselves often happen in late spring and summer (i.e. hurricane season lasts throughout the summer, water is warmer when the earth is warmer).

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