When did we start using plastic for water bottles?



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    The first commercially produced plastic bottles were manufactured in 1947, but because of the cost of materials remained prohibitively expensive until the 1960s. But soon after high density polyethylene was introduced in the early 1960s, plastic bottles became quickly popular amongst manufacturers because it was less expensive to produce in comparison to glass bottles.

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    Water bottles are a fairly recent thing.  For the majority of the last century, people simply drank water from the tap or personal wells.  Since we’ve learned to extract resources more easily (which might be more of a bad thing) bottling water and taking it on the go has become much more convenient.  In the last decade even, sales of bottled water have been constantly on the rise with new products such as “vitamin-enhanced” water and brands that are supposedly distilled more.  In the long run, it’s much cheaper and sustainable – not to mention perfectly safe – to drink out of the tap. 

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