When did we start using the microscope for research purposes?



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    The microscope has been used for research at least since the early 1600’s, although this research wasn’t systematically organized or distributed until the latter part of the century. In 1625, Francesco Stelluti was the first person to publish research which utilized a microscope. This research was done on bees and presented to Pope Urban VIII.  

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    The compound microscope was first conceived in 1590 when two Dutch spectacle makers, Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans, began experimenting with several lenses in a tube.  It wasn’t until 1609 when Galileo heard of this concept and developed a better microscope of his own.  Being the father of modern physics and astronomy, he certainly utilized the microscope for scientific experiments. 

    While Francesco Stellut published the first scientific work with a microscope in 1625, the microscope didn’t have much use until Anton van Leeunwenhoek in the latter part of the 1600’s.  He is considered to be the father of microscopy and he pioneered studies on an extraordinary variety of things, both living and non living.  He then reported his findings in over a hundred letters to the Royal Society of England and the French Academy.

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