When did we start using groundhog day?



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    The earliest mention of groundhog’s day is in 1841 in a storekeepers diary from Pennsylvania.

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    Great question Lucy! I will be happy to answer this for you.

    Groundhog day was actually started some 45 years ago by two vagabond hippies who were backpackpacking across America heading for “The Scene”, when, one early February morn, in a wheat field outside of Puxatony , NY one of the hippies, appropriately named “DUDE” while on an LSD induced trip, struck up a conversation with a groundhog that had boldly entered their camp to steal a Zagnut Bar. Dude was like ” Hey groundhog dude. why is it so freakin cold out here, how do you stay so warm and fuzzie… wuzzie was a bear…..(30 minutes of laughing) and when is this muey frio weather going away. Legend has it…or so DUDE says, that the groundhog actually told him how much longer the cold weather would stick around.


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