When did we start using the fiberglass insulation in our homes?



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    The common fiberglass insulation found in many homes was first invented in 1938 by Russel Games Slayter. When first developed, it was a good and efficient insulator, although since it was relatively new, it was expensive. It was not until the prosperous times after World War II and the expansion of the American suburb in the 1950s that it became a widely used form of insulation in residential housing.

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    Fiberglass was invented in 1897, and the installation of fiberglass insulation in homes began in 1938 after scientists developed and manufactured fiberglass insulation. An interesting fact: scientists discovered that asbestos (found in fiberglass) was harmful to human health prior to the manufacturing of fiberglass insulation yet it was still mass-produced and installed in thousands of homes.

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