When did we start using factory farming for our agriculture?



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    Factory farming began after the discovery that feeding animals vitamins A and D allowed them to grow as well in pens.  The advent of antibiotics gave farmers a way to combat diseases caused by crowding animals together, which further aided factory farming layouts. 

    Personally, I have noticed that within the last 10 years there are more and more factory dairy farms (at least in Wisconsin).  My uncle was a dairy farmer there and the drive out to his place during my younger years (early 90’s) was filled with single family farms.  Now you see several rudimentary barns popping up along the roads and making more competition which closes more of the family owned dairy farms.

    For more of the history on factory farms read here:


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    This practice of feeding animals vitamin A and D started in the 1920s; then antiobitcs came into the picture in the 1940s, which further enabled the factory farming system.

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